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Cheap economy rental cars, 4 wheel drive, family estates, luxury Mercedes for hire in UK. Rent from 1 day, special offers, one way rentals and home/office delivery service in UK.

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Hire your holdiay auto around the world. One way rentals and a great range of vehicle choice in Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland + 500 countries - autos at home and abroad.

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Holiday cars for rent in Europe and around the world, from top car rental companies, including National car rentals, Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo, esixt and Thrifty, offering International airport terminal and downtown carrental depots.

cheap hire car

Group B - manual transmission
Rental Group B features autos famed for their reliability and road worthiness! Cars in this field include the Vauxhall Corsa, a popular and established make of motor car. This is a spacious rental car that has plenty of room for two adults in the front, and space to sit another two passengers comfortably in the back.

This nippy little car is ideal for trips to and from the airport or for day trips up and down the country. Though, if you're looking to transport a lot of luggage you may be interested in looking at cars with slightly larger boot space from other hire bands.

Usually provided in 5 doors and as a manual gear drive the car handles well with great grip and traction to the road, and is easy to manoeuvre and park. The gear shift is easy to use and slick but make sure you aware of the location of gears when you pick up the car as this sometimes varies between makes and may not be what you're used to! You don't want to be in reverse when you intend to be driving forward!

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Group C - Rental car
If you want to rent an aesthetically pleasing yet economical and reliable car, autos from this band are for you. An example of a car from this rental range is the Vauxhall Astra 1.4. Available in both hatchback and saloon these cars look good, are easy to drive and are a highly popular hire car in UK.

Deceptively spacious, these cars are ideal for transporting the family and all the luggage that travel with you on holiday. The boot is surprisingly roomy with plenty of space for bags, pushchairs etc.

Includes a wide rage of features, such as air conditioning, electric windows and sunroof and an in car audio entertainment system as standard. This will typically include an in car CD radio which is perfect for setting the mood for a relaxing and comfortable drive. Specific details vary between models and make and if there are any specific features you require please mention this when you are booking your hire car.

holiday car

Group D hire cars
An example of a car from this range is the Ford Mondeo 1.8. A 5 door car, this model typically has a hatchback body style and comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox. It is an easy and responsive drive perfect for travelling long distances with plenty of room for transporting a small family or a group of friends.

These models are highly aesthetically pleasing so if you're looking to impress then these are the cars for you!

The cars come with a variety of safety features including ABS brakes, driver and front side airbags, an alarm and immobiliser and central locking as standard. All these features combine to reassure you with a reliable safe drive. Please ensure you are aware of how to use the entire safety feature before you set off in your hire car. This helps prevent any tricky situations where you're stuck with an unfamiliar car that you don't know how to use. There's nothing worse than a car alarm going off that you don't know how to stop!

family car

Group I - Family saloon If you're looking to rent a powerful car great for long distance driving then a car from this group is for you. Roomy enough for a group of four adults there is also enough room in the boot for a fair amount of luggage and is a perfect car to use on a weekend away with a group of friends, you will comfortably seat 2 in the front and 3 spaciously in the rear of the car.

An example from this group of autos is the Vauxhall Vectra, a highly popular and good looking car whose power lives up to its sporty look whilst maintaining a reasonable rental price.

These models are typically 5 doors with a 6 speed manual gear box. This car lends itself to motorway driving with its quick acceleration whilst its ABS brakes and power steering make it easily manageable if you're planning on city driving or taking on those windy country roads. The cruise control feature included in this car also makes for a relaxing and stress free drive on your part.

Rest assured all hire companies provide 24 hour breakdown coverage and driving assistance as standard just in case you encounter any problems on your journey with your hire car.

5 gear auto for hire

Group CA - automatic
These comfortable, roomy cars are ideal for those family weeks away with plenty of storage room for luggage, pushchairs and all the other paraphernalia associated with taking the family away on vacation in UK.

Usually available in 5 doors, these cars are also ideal for groups of people looking for a nippy car to use on a weekend break or a day trip.

Models in this range include the Peugeot 307, a popular and reliable car that is easy and fun to drive. All autos in this range are automatic and are easily manoeuvrable allowing for easy parking in tight city side streets, and smooth driving on motorways and minor roads. Please make sure you are aware of hoe to use the automatic gear box as these can vary between makes and models of cars.

Make sure that you ask a hire representative to fully demonstrate the driving controls to you when you arrive to pick up your car. This will help to avoid any sticky situations that could potentially ruin your holiday enjoyment.

This is an economical car in the middle of the price range for hire cars ensuring you are paying for comfort and a good, reliable drive.

Cheap hire car

Group A small hire car
A small no frills basic hire car, great for renting from the airport to drive into town - and superb for parking in small car parks!

If you need a car to get you from A-B, this may be the low cost answer. Popular for weekend rentals and special deals, it is cheap to rent and cheap to run - the petrol goes quite a long way!

A Fiat Seicento is an example of a door found in this group - with 3 doors and manual gears, it has a cheeky design and is agile in traffic. Basic transport for four people - 2 adults and 2 children, and the car would be fairly full, there is a little boot although a spacious feeling - this car has a tiny on-road footprint, but serves its purpose well and is fun and economical to drive.

Because these cars are generally the cheapest on the rental list, you should book them online as soon as you can - especially if picking up from Airports in UK or having them delivered from a rental branch at weekends. During the summer holidays, and at Easter, New Year and Christmas cars should be all rental vehicles well in advance, especially from Airport rental branches, renting a small car is easy online - simply get a no obligation quote, or telephone the reservations staff.

executive luxury hire car

Group LX - Automatic
The highest standard of luxury, comfort and driveability; rent a one of a range of top spec vehicles. Cars from this group offer a fantastic driving experience for executive and business travel, whilst also posing a practical option for group travel where real comfort and style is desirable.

The range includes vehicles such as the Mercedes 230 Auto. Full automatics; perfect for motoring on long journeys offering superb power, responsiveness and a great driving position.

Visually fantastic, a car from this group will certainly make the right impression, wherever your destination.

Most models come with air conditioning, ABS, cruise control and GPRS as standard but do specify to your rental agent if you want certain features present in the car you rent.

7 seater hire car

Group SP - Compact multi seaters
Looking for a hire car that combines all the style of a saloon, all the space of an estate with the capacity to comfortably travel up to seven people? Choose one of a range of Compact 5 door Multi Seaters!

Available from most hire companies with manual or automatic gear box and excellent driveability and seven seats.

Take the Vauxall Zafira, one of the best multi seaters on the market, winner of numerous awards and yours to hire at affordable cheap rental rates for long and short rental periods.

Offering all the performance and handling you'd expect from a saloon, these compact cars have loads of space for people, suit cases, luggage, equipment and groceries whilst being modern and stylish in appearance.

luxury Mercedes hire car

Group LM - Luxury 5 door cars
Combining sleek style, practicality and a sporty feel, the LM range of hire cars features auto's ideal for professional rentals where creating the right impression is critical whilst also being a choice for touring and cruising.

Cars in this class come fully serviced and offer the latest in drive quality technology. Take the Mercedes 180, for example; this is an exceptionally well designed car and is a favourite for executive and business rentals. Extremely responsive when driven on minor roads and fantastic power for motorway journeys these are truly great vehicles for the self-drive rental customer.

Traction control comes on most models making your drive smooth and comfortable. Fully automatic luxury rental cars, for road journeys with hassle free driving behind the wheel!

hire an estate car

Group DE - Large 5 door Estate
The most practical choice for affordable travel if you have lots of luggage, lots of passengers, lots of equipment, a golf bag or even a dog or two! (Note not all rental agents allow for pet travel, others may offer dog guards fitted for the purpose - shop around!).

The classic large estates available to you from all hire companies will offer ample storage for all but the largest items whilst also providing lots and lots of space for passengers.

Why cram your suit cases in to a hatch back or saloon? Modern estate cars such as the Ford Modeo, look fantastic, are superbly reliable and and comfortable to drive. It's worth remembering that an estate will be just as economical on the road thanks to modern technology and provide so much more scope for long or short term hire in terms of what you might use your vehicle for.

rent an estate car

Group CE - Medium Estate Car
Are you looking for a hire car with lots of storage space, room for up to four passengers and at a price you can afford? Rent one of several medium estate vehicles!

Take the Vauxall Vectra Estate; acres of storage space within a roomy yet practical sized car that is both versatile and stylish and a pleasure to drive. Available in manual and automatic (from most rental groups), and fully equipped with mod cons for your driving pleasure.

These hire cars are an extremely popular choice for family travel and work related travel where equipment needs to be transported. Medium estate cars are proven to be more efficient than larger, bulkier estates and just as nippy as smaller cars available on the rental market. Rental cars can delivered to your home or office, simply select the UK home delivery service.

rent a 4x4

Group J - 4x4
If you are travelling a long way to your destination, have lots of luggage, require plenty of space and leg room, or maybe if your journey is taking you off in to the countryside. Then a four wheel drive hire may be the answer.

Available in both three and five door models all the utility vehicles in the range provide stacks of space for luggage and equipment, whilst also travelling up to four passengers in real comfort and style. Perfect too, if you are travelling with a young family. Plenty of space to store pushchairs and all those extra's you need with you when travelling with children in tow!

Usually 5 gear manual, stick shift, but available in automatic formats from some rental groups. Be sure to ask for further details.

Large automatic car

Group FA - Large 4 Door Automatics
Pick up a large automatic from any International Airport rental agent and enjoy the rest of your journey driving in comfort and style with the ease of an automatic (shift) and the power of a 2 litre + engine.

Take the Vauxhall Omega 2.2 lire; smooth, responsive and superbly powerful to drive. A great choice if all you feel like doing is cruising your way to your accommodation or to your next appointment. Modern design and fantastic performance will help take to pressure out of your onward travel.

These cars really are ideal for long drives, particularly the arduous motorway travel that stands to greet you off the plane or train. A practical option too if you are travelling by road in company - roomy and with plenty of room for storage in the boot hatch, you can travel relaxed and comfortable in this car.

7 seater hire car

Group SA - Full Size MPV
A classic MPV is the ideal rental choice for families, small groups or business parties. These cars offer comfort, acres of passenger and luggage space and are superb on long journeys with their ample leg room and roof clearance.

All MPV's come with five seats as standard and can be increased to seven seat capacity quickly and easily - just ask your rental agent!

All sorts of extras are included for your comfort; on certain models, arm rests, reclining seats (should you want to take a nap en route!), fold down tables, reading lights and a miscellany of other little gadgets for passengers to enjoy on a long drive.

People are hiring these rental cars from Airports in UK and city rental offices each day - it is very easy to book a hire car online, payment is taken via secure server.

family auto hire car

Group DA - Family five-door automatic car
A range of automatic, family vehicles are available from UK rental companies; a popular choice being the Ford Mondeo 1.8 Auto, this classic saloon car is a pleasure to drive and comes fully equipped with numerous feature for a satisfying and safe drive.

Traction control, anti lock breaking, full side impact protection as well as driver and passenger air bags, front and rear impact protection and high profile tyres are features that may apply to this rental group.

Great for family travel on short breaks or for day rentals. Cars in this group are spacious and comfortable with ample boot space for your family travel needs. Don't forget to ask the rental agent in advance if you require any additional extra's such as booster seating or car seats for young children (these can be hired as extras)!

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