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England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - UK.

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Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, USA, Canada + 500 countries.

Automatic ~ shift gear ~ 2 seat - 7 seat cars
Economy - luxury holiday cars for hire from top rental companies.

Holiday car hire
You can hire a rental car from many locations both in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. It is possible to hire a holiday car from airports, train stations and from town and city locations. If you are flying to a country on holiday then it is very easy to collect a rental car from the airport. In the UK it is also possible to have your hire car delivered to your home address. 2 seat sports cars - 7 seat family minivans can be hired, including station wagons and estate cars.

Cars with 2 - 7 seats
The range of hire cars available to rent is very comprehensive, 2 seaters, 4, 5 and 7 seats - in some locations, 9 seat cars can be rented. Economy cars are the budget way of getting from A to B and mid size hire cars offer a bit more space. Full-size rental cars, executive cars, estate cars (station wagons) and 7 seat cars are all available for hire from all holiday locations. Whatever your auto requirements are you will find a hire car suitable in size, space and number of seats!

Shift stick/manual cars
When you rent a hire car from any location in the UK or the rest of the world as well as choosing the size you will also be able to choose whether you want a manual hire car or an automatic rental car (stickshift). The rental cars are generally new models from major manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, VW and Mercedes. The hire cars are provided by International, national and local car rental companies. The fleets include manual and shift stick - automatic hire cars.

Rental fleets
Car rental companies offer hire car bookings based on a 'vehicle group'. Most rental fleets are multi franchise with many makes and models of cars, and are frequently updated. When you book a hire car, you are not usually guaranteed an exact make and model of auto, but a vehicle within that car group criteria. carefully consider you requirements for seating and baggage space before selecting a car to hire. Look out for special offers 7 days for 5 and weekend rates offering cheap rentals in UK.

7 seater cars/MPV's
If you are renting a vehicle for a group, remember that some 7 seat cars have very little baggage space, and that if you are going to drive a long way, then consider the engine size of the various groups. For example, 7 people going on a 2 week holiday may require 2 cars rather than one 7 seater! Simply contact us, we would be happy to advise you. Travelling with golf clubs hugely increases the need for space in a car - clubs and baggage, will they fit in the boot of this rental car?

Rental groups
Hire cars are often referred to in the following ways: Mini-cars, compact cars, small economy run abouts, Sub-compact, Compact, Sedan or mid-size cars, budget rentals, Executive Sedan or mid-size vehicle group, Premium Sedan full-size, Mercedes E-class, Station Wagon, 7-seat People Mover, MPV, estates, saloons, luxury hire cars, 4x4, 4 wheel drive and jeeps. Generally, the cheaper the rental price, the smaller the hire car and the smaller the engine.

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